My name is Manuel Cancio and congratulations for visiting my website.

386388_281114518600668_1210345059_nIn 1986 while watching television with my mother, a Miami jai-alai commercial came on. I was nine years old at the time, however, I knew at that moment what I wanted to do with my life. Shortly after, I met three brothers that lived on my block. To my surprise, their father was a world champion jai-alai player! After becoming their friend, I enrolled in an amateur jai-alai school program. It was something that I dedicated practicing to every single day.

In 1996 my dream that began when I was only nine years old became a reality. I debuted as a professional jai-alai player in Ocala, Florida. I had a 16 year professional career, which allowed me to play in the top frontons in Florida and Philippines.

Thou I had a wonderful career, i did think about the future. My future after jai-alai. As a jai-alai player, I had the opportunity to invest in real estate and even opened up a small business. Unfortunately, the economy suffered a recession and my investments were unsuccessful. I found myself asking myself “Is this my future?” I knew that I did not want to retire and have to live below the line of poverty like 90% of us will do.

Shortly after, a good friend of mine presented to me the 4Life opportunity. Imanny will be forever grateful to him. I saw that 4Life offers an opportunity in the network marketing industry, an industry who has generated 20% of all new millionaires in the United States. An industry where I saw entrepreneurs living a lifestyle not many enjoy. A life where time and money are not an obstacle. At that moment, I knew what I wanted for myself, for my family, and for families around the world.

I am very fortunate to have made my dream of becoming a professional jai-alai player come true. Now I working on my dream as an entrepreneur for 4Life research to achieve greatness in life. Today I find myself making a difference in peoples lives by together building people, because service to many leads to greatness! I invite you to join me and my team and get started on making your dreams come true.

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