If you looked at network marketing in the past, you NEED to look again!
If you have never considered network marketing as a career, it’s time you learned…
MILLIONS of people around the world have created a home based business using network marketing.

Network Top Three Benefits of Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Are you curious or skeptical about network marketing?
Are you wondering if network marketing may be the income opportunity you have been looking for?
Are you OPEN to the facts – even if they upset your preconceptions?

Network Marketing is a business model where products and services are directly offered to the end consumer. The entire concept is based on the most effective marketing strategy, and that is the personal recommendation.

Network marketing has an excellent organization model. The foundation is that you ONLY benefit if those who you introduce to the business ALSO benefit! Likewise, those who are already in the business NEED to help you succeed!

Networking, also known as multi-level marketing (or MLM, for short) is a MARKETING SYSTEM that offers the right person a chance to achieve a level of success that is absolutely impossible in ANY conventional job.
Network marketing is the vehicle that enables many, many people realize their goal of owning their own home-based business. The secondary results are an extraordinary way of life, freedom of time and financial freedom!

The Top Three Benefits of Network Marketing that follow will demonstrate why MLM is such an excellent opportunity:

Unlimited Potential
1. Unlimited Income Potential:

Network marketing offers motivated individuals unlimited earning potential. In EVERY job today there is an income ceiling. Regardless of how hard you work in these jobs, the income potential is limited by what the product or service can be sold for. Furthermore, you are competing in a worldwide market – and that means you are competing with people who are willing to work for a fraction of what you are paid.

In addition, today many people are finding that a college degree or training is not a guarantee of finding a job. Most graduates will be working in a field different than their degree within a few years! Most will also find it difficult to justify the time and expense of an advanced degree when compared to their compensation.

In contrast, there is NO income ceiling in network marketing. The fact is that network marketing has been the vehicle to more million-dollar incomes than any other industry! Your income is NOT dependent on your age, race, background, or education. You can be a broke, high school drop-out and achieve success.

Team Members
In network marketing, your success is determined by how effective you are at helping OTHERS achieve success! There is a PROVEN system.

Those that embrace the proven system reap the rewards. Actually, those who most effectively “work the system” realize COMPOUNDED RESULTS, which is the other HUGE benefit of the networking structure. As you help others develop their own business, THEY start to experience success and YOU begin to see your income actually accelerate!

Network marketing is unique for providing “residual income“. This income is earned on the cumulative purchases of ALL the distributors AND the customers who have a connection to you! Your referrals result in a “downline” of other distributors and customers – eventually numbering in the thousands – of which you may have only personally referred a handful!

2. Freedom of Time and Location

Today it is possible to do business from anywhere, and connect with people around the world. Cell phones and Internet technologies permit you to have continuous as well as instant communication with your customers, team members, and prospects. Websites, auto-responders, opt-in pages, recorded webinars and videos allow you to communicate to your target audience when it is most convenient FOR THEM! Most important: you do NOT need an expensive office or store front!

Likewise, with a home-based network marketing business you can work as much as you want, when you want. You can also NOT work whenever you want. Now, your results are proportional to your efforts over time. But you can work part-time or full-time.

Many successful marketers work VERY hard at first, and then back off as they reach their goals. And these goals include more than just money. For many, the freedom to earn as much in a day or two per week as they did in a week or month on the job is enough. They have other pursuits or causes that they want to invest their time in and maximizing their incomes is not a driving motivation.

One other (often overlooked) benefit of network marketing is that you can choose WHO to work with. Actually, entrepreneurship is somewhat “self-selecting” in that the most committed individuals, those who accept direction, will rise to the top. Eventually, you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded, highly-motivated people. And your success will provide you with access to other leaders in the industry, and this advantage of networking can lead to a lifetime of profitable opportunities.

3. Small initial investment

The third huge benefit of network marketing is the low initial investment. Just ask anyone who has owned a conventional business and had to budget for rent, utilities, payroll, credit card processing, countless fees and permits.

Today, because of corporate downsizing, many displaced workers are opting to buy a franchise or other pre-packaged “opportunity”. Unfortunately, most will find that all they bought was another job. Except now they get paid last!

To get started with a home-based network marketing business, all that is necessary is a small investment – often less than $500. You then have the ability to represent a unique product or service, presumably one that you sincerely like and feel confident recommending to your network of friends and family. You are often provided with one or more websites that have been professionally designed for your use.

There are now resources available – for a very low additional marketing investment – that allow you to expand your marketing literally worldwide. How big and how fast you grow your business is completely up to you, and you alone. But network marketing is a business model that is 100% self-directed. You make all the decisions as to how much and where you will invest your marketing budget – or if you will use totally free marketing strategies!

These are just three factors that underscore the appeal of network marketing. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best selling series of Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, recently wrote another entitled “The Business of the 21st Century“. In this latest book he describes why network marketing is the best business model .

Please note: it is important that you choose your network marketing company with care! You want to join an established, financially-stable company!
You also want to join a company that has products that you would use as a customer – EVEN IF you were NOT a representative!

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